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This is the Burro Schmidt Tunnel and Camp Information Site.

"Friends of Burro Schmidt Tunnel"

Part of the newly formed "Friends of last Chance Canyon"a California 501.c.3 non-profit - Please visit - TFLCC.org for more info.

URGENT! Caretaker and Alternate Caretakers needed for Bickel Camp! Please inquire as to how you can help preserve and protect our mining history. Live in our beautiful desert greet guests at camp and provide informational tours as a docent of the camp! Use the contact link in the left column to find out more!

Full time, part time, and weekends available. Motorhome and other amenities provided.

Gold Mining through the FLCC! Private Claim!

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†"We have such opportunities within our grasp, and it is almost our
obligation to the people who struggled before us, to grab those
opportunities, and not retreat ...or sink into inaction."

Above quote is © James N. Goodenough Estate. Use permitted when copyright info is shown

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Burro Schmidt Tunnel Entrance†
Photo © Mira & Jay

Tunnel Entrance GPS (unconfirmed): N35 24.625', W117 52.565, 4115' Elevation

Metal tracks have been stolen.

The above is part of a 4th grade California State History school project and taped on 10/30 2005 - with commentary by Alex Goodenough - Mining signs in the tunnel have since been stolen.

William Henry "Burro" Schmidt single handedly dug a 2087 ft tunnel through the solid rock of Copper Mountain. Burro Schmidt Tunnel is located in Last Chance Canyon within the El Paso Mts of our CA Mojave desert. This one-man 38 year effort which began as a gold mine in1906 has recently changed hands and the result has been the loss of some amazing desert history. Will Burro Schmidt's old cabin and other artifacts be saved? Will the legacy of Tonie Seger, the "Tunnel Lady" die? This website is dedicated to bringing those people together who want to help protect what is left and to help develop a plan with the owner so that these people are not forgotten and their history and legacy is saved for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

High atop the El Paso Mountains, above Last Chance Canyon, exists today a monument to one man's determination and perseverance. William Henry Schmidt, better known as "Burro" Schmidt, spent 38 years accomplishing the task of hand-drilling a tunnel nearly a half-mile long. Over those 38 years....Click to READ MORE


This website will include information on William Henry "Burro" Schmidt as well as Tonie Seger and Mike Lee who also resided at the site. The website is dedicated to the hope of saving the remaining structures and artifacts that exist at the site today.

The tunnel is located just beyond the cabins and up around the hill a hundred yards or so. You can't see the tunnel entrance from the camp so just keep on walking up and around the hill. Please watch your head as well as your footing. There are many places where you can easily trip or bonk your head. There are no lights! Bring a couple of good strong flashlights.

Enjoy! Don’t Destroy!

There may be a need for future potential Burro Schmidt Tunnel caretakers. If you are an individual and or couple who would be interested in caretaker/docent responsibilities and you are interested in finding out more about this desert opportunity, please feel free to contact us and we will let the appropriate entity know about you.

Please! Respect this property and the memory of those who spent their lives here. Do not disturb or remove items from this historic place.

If you have an artifact from the site and would like to return it anonymously, please, we will accept these items no questions asked and make sure they are stored and cared for until such time that they can safely be displayed at the site by the owner.

Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are our own and are gathered through research derived from many sources including reading existing articles and speaking with many boom beach cheat different people. Actual facts may be different and the text here may change or lag behind other opinions or http://www.clashofclanshackastuces.fr/ facts as we discover new ones and as the situation between the entities involved changes and we find out, hear about or are alerted to them. This is an enthusiast web site driven by our desire to help, not an official one

The Burro Schmidt Tunnel and associated historic cabins and out buildings are located in Last Chance Canyon in the El Paso Mts. of the Mojave desert in Southern California. About 40 miles north of the town of Mojave, west of the mining districts of Randsburg, south of Inyokern and a tad east of the border of Red Rock Canyon State Park.

Get on our volunteer list! For more information and how to help preserve the history of the structures, the artifacts remaining and the tunnel at the Burro Schmidt Tunnel site, please contact us.

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